VIT - Enterprising

What is VIT enterprising?

VIT Emprende is the Valencian Community's network of entrepreneurs.
VIT Emprende is a cooperation network developed by the Valencia City Council through InnDEA Valencia with the objective of helping and supporting all who have an idea and want to turn it into a profitable business. The main tool used by this network is local, national and international "networking".


Who is this aimed at?

VIT Emprende brings together investors, entrepreneurs and business owners from different sectors that have 'innovation' in common. This network promotes the transfer of knowledge and collaboration between the members.
This network consists of:




A quien va dirigido en



























VIT Emprende empowers the development of innovative business sectors in Valencia. Its activities are aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and generating skilled job positions, developing new products and technological services, offering opportunities to the Valencian entrepreneurs to participate in national and international projects, promoting all network members, meeting the technological needs and attracting investment that generates business opportunities.


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